• In compliance with the constitutional provisions, the task of teaching Hindi to those employees of central government, who do not possess the knowledge of Hindi, was initiated by the Ministry of Education in July, 1952.
  • The training of Hindi Language, Hindi Typing and Hindi Stenography under the Hindi Teaching Scheme was made compulsory in 1960.
  • Since 1974, in addition to the employees of the Ministries of the Central Government and its attached and subordinate offices, training in Hindi, Hindi Typing and Hindi Stenography has also been made compulsory for the employees of the Corporations, Bodies, Companies, Undertakings, Banks etc. owned or controlled by the Central Government.
  • Department of Official Language was established under the Ministry of Home Affairs in 1975 and Hindi Teaching Scheme was brought under the Department of Official Language.
  • Hindi Teaching Scheme has five regional offices located at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Guwahati.
  • The training programmes are being conducted at fulltime as well as at part time centers.